Interview with Pro MMA Fighter Van “Tactic” Vo

Van “Tactic” Vo is a Colosseum Combat veteran and professional mixed martial arts fighter from Dayton, Ohio. I had the pleasure of interviewing him leading up to his pay-per-view fight against Michael Shields at Colosseum Combat XLVIII in Indiana. John: You’ve been a pro since 2008 and have a tough fight coming up on February … Continue reading Interview with Pro MMA Fighter Van “Tactic” Vo

I Survived My Trip to the Gym

My old boss from when I was a paramedic recently survived a heart attack. You’re in luck because he’s a great writer, and you can check out his blog here:

Tony Wassom

“Here we go…!”     20180907_095723

Not just the words I’m using to start this post; the words I said right before I went into V-Fib, Wednesday. There was a bit that happened before I coded,  but I kept it on the DL until I knew I was coming home. Well, I’m in my chair at home, now, so…here we go!

Wednesday, Marie and I went to the YMCA for our workout. I’ve been so happy with the progress I’ve made! I’ve had some awesome gains, and the fat is sooo close to being ready to go bye-bye (I can just feel it)!

As we approached the weight room, Marie and I both commented on the temp. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Xenia Y, but the weight room is in the lowest part of the building, and it’s usually hotter than…um…the rest of the place. Wednesday…

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