Wayfaring Princess — Chapter 6 Continued — Web Serial

The story begins here!   Chapter 6 Continued       Ada stopped at the base of a mountain trail after walking into the evening. Few people traveled from Nysa, other than the handful of merchants that represented the town. She found herself climbing the winding path alone more often than she liked. Today was … Continue reading Wayfaring Princess — Chapter 6 Continued — Web Serial

Wayfaring Princess–Chapter 1–Web Serial

  Welcome to "Wayfaring Princess." This sweet, romantic sword and sorcery tale will run for 20+ weeks and come to a conclusion, I promise.   Chapter 1    The stone tiles of the temple courtyard burned in the summer sun. Mountain air swirled through the open doors and surrounding columns, carrying the scent of pine. Ada knelt … Continue reading Wayfaring Princess–Chapter 1–Web Serial